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The Moat House Investigation

Date of Conducted Investigation - 17th May 2004


We all arrived at the Moat House at 10:30pm. After going inside we met up with some of the members of staff. We then relocated to the top function room where we discussed their experiences.

(Team One) - Fiona, Janice, Dave, Simon and some Moat House staff

(Team Two) - Myself (Karl), Mark, David, Ian and some Moat House Staff


11:20pm We have just sorted ourselves into two groups. Some of the staff joined us in our teams too. Team One went upstairs to investigate the rooms there, whilst Team Two went into the tower.

(Top Floor Of The Tower "3rd Floor")

11:30pm My camcorder has just turned itself off. This is weird as it had been on charge for at least 24 hours. Mark has also picked up some orbs on his digital camera.

11:34pm We are starting the sťance.

11:55pm We have just finished doing the sťance. Lasting for twenty-six minutes we have not picked up anything. The only thing that happened was a member of staff (Ian) started to feel sick. We have all decided to relocate to the floor below us.

(Second Floor Of The Tower)

12:01am We have just settled down for a dark sitting, and I am hoping we pick up something here in this section of the tower.

12:15am We have picked up some more orbs. A couple of the orbs on one of the pictures taken by Mark seem to have faces. One looks like a child and another is uncertain. Whether the latter is a face of another child or an adult is beyond me but it is unusual to pick up orbs that contain facial images. It is certainly possible they may not be faces but to me and the rest of the investigators there seems to be a general consensus that there could be a face in these two orbs that we have managed to catch on digital camera.

12:25am Mark and David have both decided to go back up to the 3rd floor of the tower (Top Floor). They are both going to see if they can pick anything else up on digital camera, as they were both particularly interested in that area.

12:35am Mark and Dave have just seen what appears to be a shadow moving across the wall. At first we were unsure if it was a shadow on the floor caused by Team Two. This uncertainty was brought about because of there being holes in the ceiling and upon looking through these holes you could see up to the 3rd floor. The shadow they had seen moving across the wall was above one of these holes in the floor. I ran a test to see if it was one of our team moving about below that may have casted a shadow of some sort on the wall above, but as I moved about in that area under the hole in the ceiling I asked Mark and David if they could see the shadow, they both said no. So the possibility of the shadow seen on the wall could not have been from us. I did ask Mark and David if the shadow may have been caused by them to which they replied, no. It was confirmed that they were sitting still when it was seen.

12:40am We have just started another sťance but I just want to note that before Mark and David had gone into the tower we had heard what appeared to be foot steps coming from above us, these only lasted for a couple of seconds, and I think only a few people on our team had heard them, myself being one of these people.

12:55am We have just finished the sťance. A member of staff (Ian) said he saw what looked like someone cowering down during our sťance, that this person had long blonde hair; apparently some of the others had seen this in our team too. I could feel someone behind me in the corner of the room. Then all of a sudden my head felt numb and I blacked out. I could hear Ian asking if I was alright but it was strange I could hear him but I couldn't do anything about it. When I came round I was told I had pulled on fellow member Ian's trouser leg and also got hold of member David's shirt too. I had also bent over while in this trance too. As soon as I came round I had a headache. I feel I was taken over by a male, in my view this male was not a nice person at all, that he may have been disliked by someone or even by a lot of people.

""Session Ends""

"My Outlook Of This Session"

I think that the Tower is a very active place and maybe also an evil place too. I feel that what we have seen and heard in the tower was very interesting and would like to further our investigations at a later stage. I feel nasty things happened in this tower many years ago, and I get the feeling that someone in this tower may be wanting to contact us. We can only hope for more happenings the next time we do this part of the Moat House.

--------------------     --------------------

We then went back to join Team One in the function room where they showed us what they had caught on camcorder (some orbs, which I thought was amazing). At this time I decided to go back into the tower to the top (3rd) floor. Simon and Dave from Team One agreed to join me, the time now being around 1:30am.

2:15am Myself (Karl), Simon and Dave are sitting in the top of the tower (3rd Floor). Simon is experiencing some problems as if someone was trying to enter his body. He was breathing heavily and was feeling very sick. It even came to a point that he actually heaved as if he was going to be sick. We had also noticed that the trigger object that I set up (Paper & Cross) had been disturbed. The cross had not moved but the top left hand corner was creased as if something or someone had tried tampering with it. The three of us had to leave the tower due to Simon almost being sick and memberís safety shall always come first. I must say though when I was in the tower earlier on, just myself and fellow member (Ian) I held my hand out while asking questions to a girl. I asked her to touch my hand, and to my amazement I felt something like a hair lightly brush along the side of my little finger, I asked again and got nothing, then waited a few minutes and asked again. I felt the same thing this time along my little finger. This was very interesting, but there may be an explanation for this feeling. I don't think it was a draft from the windows, however it may have been a cobweb for example. I don't know but I will look into this more when we investigate the Moat House again in the very near future.

4:15am Janice has been taken over by the little girl that had been heard and seen in this tower. Janice became very emotional and was crying. Fiona asked her some questions but all we got from Janice was the word "Bad". This only lasted a minute or two and then Janice was back to her normal self again. Before this happened I felt as if the girl was trying to communicate with me, maybe next time she will.

After we had been in the tower for the last time, we all gathered downstairs and conducted a sťance around the table. I had felt as if something was around my throat. It was strange as I felt as if I was being strangled. To this day I canít pin point exactly what it was that I was feeling, but nothing more happened in this sťance. Shortly after this we packed up heading for home for a well-deserved rest.

4:35am Moat House Investigation Ends.

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