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The Moat House Investigation


I really enjoyed the night, it was pretty active and members had picked up orbs (Ghost Manifestations) on their camcorders. I also picked orbs up on camera when I examined my footage the following day. A lot of intense things had happened, and we certainly were not disappointed with our night at the lovely Moat House. 

We had been told by staff about glasses in the bar area in the function room, that had fallen off the bar and smashed on the floor without reason. We had also been told that above one of the doors in the function room blood has been seen running down the walls and there was also mention of women who had been buried in the garden of the Moat House many, many years ago. 

When I was taken over earlier on in the night I had been leaning over. What I find strange is that when I think of Simon who had been taken over later on in the night he also had been leaning over. To put further mystery to this another member of staff (Ian) had spotted what looked like someone leaning forward. He said it was a spirit. Does this have any connection to the fact that Simon and myself were leaning over? 

Team One had set up a trigger object in a room upstairs, the trigger object being a toy monkey. The monkey had been spotted to have fallen over later on that night. We had heard a lot of strange noises, a few members being taken over including myself. 

When we were packing up I had noticed that I had scratch marks on the back of my right hand and that the scratches had drawn blood. This puzzled me because in the top of the tower (3rd Floor) apparently the little girl that used to be locked up there had scratched the wall and these marks can be seen to this day. Was this connected to the ones I had on the back of my right hand? It may have been that I could have done this on a wall etc, but I am half sceptical to these. I guess I will never know if they were caused spiritually or accidentally by my hand rubbing against a wall or some other object. I certainly didn't notice this while making my way round the Moat House. 

Team One and Team Two had all experienced something during our time at the Moat House. I just canít wait until we go there again, it will be very interesting indeed.



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